My Beauty Routine – A Homemade Toner

I have always found that home remedies are quite useful. Maybe it is the old fashioned gal in me, but often times the simplest things work. Ever since I was a teenager and had to deal with acne there was a product that always worked, plain and simple, tea tree oil. Yep, and this simple product is a major staple in my beauty routine.  If I get a pimple, tea tree oil, that time I got ringworm (it’s a fungal infection similar to athletes foot, not an actual worm, and if you work with kids it is easy to get) tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a major cure all in my beauty hand book, it just works.

I recently discovered a new use for this beauty staple. Making my own toner.  For the last 5 years I have pretty much used the same toner, Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion (it’s a toner not a lotion) and although I did like this product, it also dried my skin out, which I always thought was okay, since I do have skin on the oily side. But more recently I have learned that breakouts can be caused by not enough moisture. So the alcohol in this product was actually drying my skin out leading to more breakouts, even though it did help a little to clear pimples.

And so I searched and searched and searched to find out what would be better. I discovered FAB Facial Radiance Pads, which I do absolutely love, because there isn’t any alcohol in these I noticed my skin wasn’t dried out after using them. I just started using some other products in the FAB (First Aid Beauty) skincare line and I really do like their products.  This product got me thinking, can I make an alcohol free toner that includes something to treat my pimples, especially after the breakout  I am dealing with after clogging my pores this last week with BB cream (checkout my post on BB creams).

Moving on, I decided to make use of my love of tea tree oil and incorporate this into a toner made at home. First I would need a base, and I found that green tea is an awesome skincare product, it’s possible some of you may have already known this.  So I brewed up a cup of green tea, added about 4 drops of tea tree oil and 3 drops of pure cold pressed argan oil, put it in a bottle and have been using it. My skin doesn’t feel dried out after using it, the argan oil does not clog my pores (there will be a post on this later) but doubles as a moisturizer, and the tea tree oil helps with clearing up my skin.

Here is the toner recipe in case you just scrolled through my post to get to it…


A short note on argan oil, not all of it is created equal. It is best to find 100% argan oil that is cold pressed. Argan oil is high in linoleic acid that helps prevent excess skin cells from building up and clogging pores and it helps balance sebum production. I apply a very small amount of argan oil directly to my dry spots and have not had breakouts from using it.

Coming soon, I will be stepping away from beauty routine posts and posting a subscription box review.



4 thoughts on “My Beauty Routine – A Homemade Toner

  1. Love this idea!!! It’s all natural too which is something I’ve been leaning towards more and more within my beauty routines. I’ll have to give this a try! Thanks! 😊


    1. I really really love this toner. It has definitely helped to make my skin a lot clearer and keep it that way, and Argan oil is said to help with acne scars and discoloration as well. Plus it is pretty cheap to make.

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