Sprezza Box – January Box Review

Sprezza Box is a men’s lifestyle box.  Each month it features a different theme.  There is always a tie and a pair of socks.  There are usually added style accessories.  In the past there have been pocket squares, tie clips, lapel pins, cuff links, a flask, business card holder, and many more things.  The box is $28 a month and usually the tie and socks themselves are worth far more than the cost of the box.  They often run deals on your first box, so if you are interested in a box be sure to google them and see if you can find a coupon code.

The January box is the 4th box Abrham has received.  And up until now I have been really impressed with the items in the box, and there have been many items in the box that Abrham has really liked, even if it was just a little beer passport notebook to keep track of new brews he tries.  The box is titled The Kent. Because it is January I think the company was going for the “New Year, New You” theme.  The box seems to be centered around exercise and healthy living.  As great as that is, other than the socks and tie the items in this months box may not be as useful as things in past boxes.  There might be some people that are completely thrilled with the January box, it just wasn’t really things that fit in with our lifestyle.

Here is the run down on the items Abe got…

Twillory Necktie (retail $69)

This tie is a beautiful wool herringbone tie, definitely Abe’s style and I’m sure he will get good use out of it during these winter months. I could not find a tie similar to it on Twillory.com, it seems that most of their ties are listed at $39 (at least at the time of writing this).  So, I’m not sure on actual retail price for this tie, but it seems to be high quality and even if the tie is only worth $39 it already makes up for the cost of the entire box.


Bedford & Broome Performance Socks (retail $16)

These socks are nice, Abrham really likes getting a new pair of dress socks each month as socks begin to wear out and then he doesn’t end up wearing the same ones over and over again. These are almost an in-between dress sock/athletic sock.  I like that because if it is a day where he changes from dress shoes to tennis shoes he doesn’t really have to change socks.  The material of these is more of a nylon and almost like a compression sock with some added cushion in the toe and heel. I also couldn’t find these exact socks on the company’s website.


Thread Etiquette Anchor Bracelet (retail $27)

I thought Abrham wouldn’t like this, but he is now wearing it and thinks it looks good next to his watch.  This exact bracelet is currently sold out, but there are other options on their website, I really like the leather ones that the company offers.


Smart Req Armband (retail $10)

This is the first item I don’t really see Abrham using, and even I won’t use it.  Abrham isn’t a runner, and for the most part my running days are over.  I prefer barre or mat exercising at home.  So I don’t really need to attach my phone to my arm for music.  And honestly this armband seems really bulky.  So, it will probably go to goodwill, or maybe onto a box item trading site. I couldn’t find the website listed in the detail card either, it doesn’t seem to exist.  The armband just seems cheap, and really this is the first time I have gotten an item from Sprezza that I’m disappointed in.

HyperGo Sports Wipes (retal $2)

This is a sample pack of sport wipes.  I don’t know if Abrham will ever use these or not, but I’ll probably throw them in the car, and there may be some day that he can’t take a shower right after work or something and finds them useful.

SPREZZA Water Bottle (retail $4)

A simple, lightweight, foldable water bottle.  Abrham will probably use it at work.  Not sure how long it will last, but I’m sure Abe will get some use out of it. It is not on the Sprezza box website, but will probably show up next month, as they add things to their store about a month after they are in a box.

The overall value of this box was $146, a good value for a box I paid $28 for. Hopefully next month will be more of a home run like previous months have been.


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