hello how time flys

Has it really been over a month since the last time I wrote anything.  I guess it has.  March was a rough month, I was hoping for warmer weather, but it was pretty cold and gloomy here in the Midwest with a couple of warm days.

It’s officially spring now, and the days are warming up.  That means getting to leave my windows open at night, woot woot!  I don’t know if anyone else gets as excited as I do about open windows in my house after a long winter (other than my cats, they love it when those windows open up).

April is a really busy month, I have yet to get started on my spring cleaning projects (can anyone say, “procrastinator”).  Because March and the beginning of April has been so hard I just haven’t gotten the things done that I was planning on.  My hubby is awesome sauce and has been majorly helping me out with house chores.  I don’t know why he puts up with me, it’s like he loves me or something.

In beauty news, I was hoping someone may have some advice on treating eczema.  I have developed a bad case of it on my upper arms, and exfoliating doesn’t seem to help to slew the dead skin and I’m a bit self conscious about it.  Any advice would be super helpful.  I had a couple of really bad spots that I did treat with tea tree oil the way that I would pimples, and that actually seemed to help a little, but I feel like the tea tree oil may be too harsh on my skin in the long run.

Hoping everyone has a good April, I’m not going to kid myself and assume I will get to posting again this month, although I will try. Have a great weekend, week, and month y’all.


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