Hello sewing

I didn’t promise I would post anytime soon, but that’s because around here these days I’m really taking things one day at a time. I was hit with some really bad morning sickness that has extended into my second trimester. But I’m trying to get the mastery over it. In efforts to feel more like myself and also welcome in the summer season that is beginning to show itself I am trying to commit to getting some DIY projects underway. One of which is making some clothing pieces that will grow with my ever expanding belly.

I’m at least happy to report that I am keeping more food in my stomach these days, plus there is a baby about the size of an avocado right now that is expanding at a rapid rate.

I will keep you posted on my sewing plans. Right now I’m planning on using some simple patterns I found over on a favorite blog of mine, and of course altering those so they can fit my growing belly. Plans are to make a caftan and a kimono to get things started. I’ll be sharing soon where I shop for fabric and how to know what you are getting when you buy fabric online.

See y’all soon!

hello cyber silence

hey all, sorry for the cyber silence around these parts.  big things have been happening I just have not felt like writing or didn’t know what to write.

I’m pregnant!

there it is, my big news.  my husband and I are so excited, and anxiously counting down the days to November when we will get to meet this little person.

please forgive my lack of writing, it may not get better for some more time.