Since being pregnant my energy levels have been below sub par. No joke! I really envy those women who feel great during pregnancy, because I am definitely not one of those people.  My skin doesn’t glow, I have acne like I’m a teenager again.  I have developed rosacea (spelling) and some other skin issues.  I’m tired.  And I was nauseated for over 4 months.  But this second trimester is now starting to be a little better to me.  I still have moments, like when my husband drives like a wild banshee in our Jeep and the sport suspension makes me so motion sick I didn’t know I could be that sick.

I have started to be able to do things like keep my house clean, cook, and actually do the grocery shopping myself so that my husband doesn’t have to take me on the weekend, because giving him a list wouldn’t work (tried it, it doesn’t work).

For this week I have a list of things to get done.  I accomplished a lot of them yesterday.

  • Plant the cherry tomatoes
  • Clean the hard wood floors
  • Wash the shower curtain liner
  • Make a menu for the week
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Make granola bars
  • Make quinoa salad
  • Make dinner and a dessert
  • Sit down (I didn’t do this one, which is why my feet were killing me by the end of the day)

So I did get a lot done yesterday, although yesterday it did not feel like it.

I’ve been working really hard (well hard for a 18 week pregnant woman) to give my husband some more nutritious lunches, and myself as well.  Plus save us some money, thus making sure I stick to our dinner menu for the week. We got really off track when I was first pregnant because I was so sick that my husband was doing a lot of the cleaning and cooking, or if he wasn’t cooking we were eating out which is not something we normally do and wasn’t really good for our stomachs or our budget.  I am happy to say we are getting back on track now.

If you are looking for a healthy lunch item to pack for the week try this…(sorry I don’t have any pictures to share)

Quinoa Salad

Cook quinoa according to directions, if you buy bulk you can do this…

  • Bring 1 cup quinoa (rinsed) and 2 cups water to boil
  • Reduce heat to simmer and add 1 teaspoon salt (I don’t really measure this)
  • Cover with tight fitting lid.
  • Cook on low heat for 15 minutes
  • Turn off heat, and let cool to room temperature, or put in fridge to chill

After you have the quinoa done (my directions make 3 cups) chop up some of your favorite veggies, season with salt and pepper, mix together with a little olive oil or a little of your favorite dressing (vinaigrettes work best for this) and divide into containers for easy access when packing your lunch.

This week I did a caprese style… tomatoes, chopped basil, fresh mozeralla cubed, olive oil, and a little balsamic vinegar. Last week was red onion, cucumber, basil, feta, and lemon vinaigrette. Try whatever sounds good to you, I have also done tomato, cilantro, jalapeno, onion, garlic, and black beans (or you could put edamame and corn in for something a little different).

Okay, enough of my energetic banter.  Have a great week everyone. The midwest is hot hot hot this week, so if you are in my area, stay cool with a tasty mojito (or mockjito in  my case).

Hello sewing

I didn’t promise I would post anytime soon, but that’s because around here these days I’m really taking things one day at a time. I was hit with some really bad morning sickness that has extended into my second trimester. But I’m trying to get the mastery over it. In efforts to feel more like myself and also welcome in the summer season that is beginning to show itself I am trying to commit to getting some DIY projects underway. One of which is making some clothing pieces that will grow with my ever expanding belly.

I’m at least happy to report that I am keeping more food in my stomach these days, plus there is a baby about the size of an avocado right now that is expanding at a rapid rate.

I will keep you posted on my sewing plans. Right now I’m planning on using some simple patterns I found over on a favorite blog of mine, and of course altering those so they can fit my growing belly. Plans are to make a caftan and a kimono to get things started. I’ll be sharing soon where I shop for fabric and how to know what you are getting when you buy fabric online.

See y’all soon!

hello cyber silence

hey all, sorry for the cyber silence around these parts.  big things have been happening I just have not felt like writing or didn’t know what to write.

I’m pregnant!

there it is, my big news.  my husband and I are so excited, and anxiously counting down the days to November when we will get to meet this little person.

please forgive my lack of writing, it may not get better for some more time.

hello how time flys

Has it really been over a month since the last time I wrote anything.  I guess it has.  March was a rough month, I was hoping for warmer weather, but it was pretty cold and gloomy here in the Midwest with a couple of warm days.

It’s officially spring now, and the days are warming up.  That means getting to leave my windows open at night, woot woot!  I don’t know if anyone else gets as excited as I do about open windows in my house after a long winter (other than my cats, they love it when those windows open up).

April is a really busy month, I have yet to get started on my spring cleaning projects (can anyone say, “procrastinator”).  Because March and the beginning of April has been so hard I just haven’t gotten the things done that I was planning on.  My hubby is awesome sauce and has been majorly helping me out with house chores.  I don’t know why he puts up with me, it’s like he loves me or something.

In beauty news, I was hoping someone may have some advice on treating eczema.  I have developed a bad case of it on my upper arms, and exfoliating doesn’t seem to help to slew the dead skin and I’m a bit self conscious about it.  Any advice would be super helpful.  I had a couple of really bad spots that I did treat with tea tree oil the way that I would pimples, and that actually seemed to help a little, but I feel like the tea tree oil may be too harsh on my skin in the long run.

Hoping everyone has a good April, I’m not going to kid myself and assume I will get to posting again this month, although I will try. Have a great weekend, week, and month y’all.

hello used


Sorry for the cyber silence.  A lot of things are going on in my life right now, more on that to come soon.

In an effort to reduce my footprint, I’m thinking about only buying used fashion for the rest of this year.  I have really simplified my style.  And if anyone around here is familiar with PoshMark there is a lot of really great and quality items that you can get for good prices.  I just wish they had some sort of shipping deal where you paid so much per month and could then get free shipping.  I also have been getting better at finding good items on Thredup, I really like their newer basement feature which has items at even farther reduced prices.

There are a lot of changes coming in my life this year, not giving details yet.  But I think if I can try and at least buy my clothing used for the rest of the year it would definitely be a good start.

It’s almost spring, and that means it is spring cleaning time.  I’m planning on really cleaning house this year to make room for the rest of the year.  That means a major closet overhaul, again, and crafting supply overhaul as well.  My mom is always happy to get some fabric from my stash, and I know some kids who would much appreciate some yarn to practice their knitting and crochet skills.

More soon, everyone.  Have a happy and lovely week.

hello road trip


Abe and I will be heading on a road trip soon.  Stops on our way include Ft Worth, Dallas,  Waco, and Corpus Christi, TX, and then St Louis, MO on our way back home.  I am super excited to travel, it is one of my favorite things to do.  If anyone has suggestions on places to eat or sights to see please share.

I’m most looking forward to a beach trip.  I haven’t been in almost a year and even though I may not get to swim I can always dream.

On Loss

A year ago my Nanny (what I called my grandmother) ended her battle with breast cancer.  It was a really tough year for my family, figuring out how to live our lives without someone who was so so important to us.  And I find it really hard to talk about it still, when I think about it I still start to cry.  I am thankful for the faith that I have and the hope that my family shares in seeing my Nanny again, happy and healthy and young again on the earth.  For the time being though, it is really hard.

I like to think that each year will get easier, but in some ways I feel like each year may actually feel more difficult.  I think it will always be hard, because I don’t want to forget how important she was to me.  She had a faith so strong, and she was such a smart and cool lady.

She loved to read, and take naps in the afternoon.  Nanny was great at gardening (yeah I didn’t inherit that, I can look at a plant and it seems to die).  She loved animals of all kinds, be it bug, reptile, mammal, or bird.  Although she did like to torment the squirrels with a garden house (but that’s just fun).  She loved her husband, children, and grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  She liked to learn new things. She was bold and stubborn.  And wasn’t afraid to say how she felt.

In the New World I want to be able to tell her about all of things that we did when she wasn’t here.  I want her to be proud of me.  If I could be like anyone it would be my Nanny. These things I am writing definitely make me sad, but also happy.  I want to remember her, and although the pain of her loss will never really go away, at least I had such a  wonderful 24 years with her.

I was her first grand daughter.  And we did so many great things together.  She taught me to treat all people equally, no matter the color of their skin, their IQ or intellect, no matter what language they spoke.  My Nanny loved people, she liked to learn people’s stories and their families stories.  I was always a little envious of how well my Nanny could draw people out of their shells.  I try that, but still I know that I have not mastered the skill and probably never will.

My Nanny wasn’t perfect.  She was imperfect, like all of us.  She had her insecurities, but she didn’t allow these things to take over her life.  She just went on with things.  She never was one to just sit around and wait for things to happen. She was always doing something.  Baking, cooking, gardening, teaching, reading, and much much more.  I love her, and I look forward to seeing her again soon.

End note: if you are interested in learning more about my family’s faith you can visit