hello road trip


Abe and I will be heading on a road trip soon.  Stops on our way include Ft Worth, Dallas,  Waco, and Corpus Christi, TX, and then St Louis, MO on our way back home.  I am super excited to travel, it is one of my favorite things to do.  If anyone has suggestions on places to eat or sights to see please share.

I’m most looking forward to a beach trip.  I haven’t been in almost a year and even though I may not get to swim I can always dream.

hello new year

I’m not going to spend any time reflecting on last year.  Because I am singing “na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goooood bye!” Last year brought with it a lot of heartache and not a lot of bright spots.  I am looking forward to this new year, and fresh beginnings. Of course I know that nothing is perfect, I’m sure that 2017 is going to bring its lows too, but 2016 your lows were the lowest of lows.  Kick you while you are down low.  So, fresh perspective, new beginnings.  Hello January, and I hope that with you comes happier times ahead.

Plans for this year, save money, pay off debt, and be more balanced.  I started a new job at the beginning of December which has brought a lot of stress reduction to my life.  So, in embracing that lovely less stress life style I am hoping to do some other things to lower my every day anxiety and bring in some calm and collected days.

Exercising on a more regular basis, I have a two month barre membership that I plan on taking advantage of right now, thank you FABFITFUN box for the freebie.

This year is going to be a real start for this blog, I have so much planned.  Lifestyle, food, fashion, travel, and family posts.  I hope that this year will be a good kick start to get things going.

I hope everyone else is as excited about this new year, because I am so ready for a fresh start.